About me

My name is Mohabat and I am an Assistant Professor in the Mathematics and Statistics department at St. Francis Xavier University. Previously, I completed my mathematics PhD at The University of Western Ontario under the supervision of Dr. Chris Hall. My PhD thesis focused on various properties of the generating polynomials associated to random graphs and hypergraphs.

My broader research interests lie at the intersection of algebraic and geometric graph theory, probability, topology, and category theory. I am especially interested in the connections between various mathematics disciplines and how they exist in symbiotic relationships. How one area illuminates another or how the language of one area is better suited to certain problems are some of the questions I think about. During my undergraduate degree at York University, I completed a double major in mathematics and psychology. From the outset, I was interested in learning about a wide range of topics, always open to viewing things from a fresh perspective.

When I’m not thinking about math, I enjoy taking long walks in nature with my dog, reading (my favourite authors include Viktor Frankl, Peter Matthiessen, Margaret Atwood, James Joyce, and many more), creating paintings, and spending time with my family (my brother Bruce Crown is a literary fiction author). I’m always open to meet new people and discuss math so feel free to email me if you have any questions about my experiences or if you just want to chat.